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Doing Life Differently

Hi, I’m Merna Dwyer,  founder of Doing Life Differently and creator of my own lifestyle.

DOING LIFE DIFFERENTLY helps you discover how to enjoy work more, provide value to the world and serve from a joyful, happy place.

We do this by expanding your thinking, daring to do and exploring alternate methods of enjoying work more, aligning with your heart and creating with your head so you can live with freedom and balance.

Doing life Differently came about because of 2 major Ahha moments for me. Now when I say “ahha moments” – think slapped in the face with a 2 inch board, kind of wake up call. (not literally by the way – I am so anti violence!!)

My Ahhaa’s came like this…

First it was:
No employer owes me anything. No security, no loyalty – no future.   I had worked in organisations contracted to the Government and when those contracts ended it was – so long, seeya.   It didn’t matter that I was dam good at what I did, or that I worked longer, harder, more efficiently than anyone else. We all got the same kick in the pants.

The ahhha was :   You are the only one responsible for your wellbeing – and if you lose your job – you will be financially screwed.   Losing my job would impact on every other aspect of my life – my emotional and mental health, my physical wellbeing and my lifestyle.

My next enlightenment was:

I hate everything (seriously every thing) I was doing.   There was not one ounce of enjoyment in my life.   Nothing I did was for fun, it was all a chore – something that had to be done – and usually for someone else.    I did not realise that all the things I was doing, were enjoyable and fulfilling, I simply resented having so much to do, no time spare, no appreciation or value and never had time for me.

Those thoughts lead me down a path of seeking ways to Do Life Differently, so that I could feel more secure in my life – in my abilities and in my day to day enjoyment of everything I did.

When I started my working career, I held a belief that work is where you go to have a good time contributing and serving others in a valuable way. Getting paid is a bonus. From hospitality to admin, to driving instructor to customer service, to retail and party plan, presenter and speaker everything was fun.   And when it’s not – get out. Change.

Change was easy.   Except when you have financial and family commitments, then a certain income level is a requirement and change can become scary, dangerous and simply not an option.

Like most of us, I got stuck in a rut, living from day to day doing the things that had to be done to get through each day. Every day was monotonous routine and productivity pressure.  I took my accomplishments for granted. I never felt that anything I did was such a big deal – I just did what had to be done to survive.  I never looked forward, or even considered what would come “later”.

One day, it occurred to me – there has to be a bit more to life.  I knew something was missing but was unsure how to discover or rekindle my enthusiasm.   I felt my life was passing by and I was not prepared for all the changes that were occurring. For a long time, I believed that in order to be successful, you must have accomplished some miracle, conquered the odds, discovered the unknown or performed an amazing feat.    Then I had a realization that changed everything.

That’s when I decided to learn how to Do Life Differently.   I went in search of ways to confidently enjoy life whilst creating and doing what I loved. This realization allowed me to receive more and “Do Life Differently”.

I have been an employee and a boss, a single woman, a wife, a friend, a partner, a mother, an ex, the other woman, a divorcee,  a coordinator, a student, a daughter, a sister, an investor, a confidant, a coach, a mentor, a trainer, an advice giver, a listener, a problem solver, a problem, a club president, a volunteer, unemployed, lost but most IMPORTANTLY survived a menagerie of conflicting emotions to move forward and succeed.   My journey has been tougher than some, and easier than others.

Armed with my life experience, and knowledge and skills gained from past employment, I began to reassess, rediscover and redesign my life.

Now.. we teach you how to develop the confidence to enjoy work more.  To discover hidden abilities that will allow you to be enthusiastic and energised.   By implementing strategies and systems, you see and do things differently, thus creating streams of wealth, freedom to grow and a dream lifestyle.  We teach you how to take your life’s experiences and make them work for you.


Having supported many people to more effectively and efficiently assess their lifestyle, develop confidence, discover abilities and improve their circumstances to create more fulfilling lifestyles, I decided to apply this knowledge to my life – and it works!!.

My programme is a result of my own experiences, and the insight of those I have assisted to establish positive change.

Balance is the key.   If you are not challenged you just accept.  If you have no expectations – you do not grow.  If you do not question – you stagnate.  If you do not take pride in who you are and what you believe – you do not value yourself.     If you do not fail –  you do not learn – nor succeed.


These comments are from people who are now “Doing Life Differently”.

Merna, you’re a positive role model for good. You inspire me to be a better person. I know I can reach my fullest potential having you as a friend, tower of strength and support, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to enlighten and help me in my self-discovery journey! You’ve got a heart of gold!!

-Regency H. Melbourne, Vic

Merna – you have made a difference in our life. Thank you for sharing and the thoughtful insightfulness you have provided.

Matt P. & Aland S.  Toowoomba  Qld

You provided a level of insight that enabled me to focus on specific issues.

Grant T.  Brisbane Qld

Thanks for all your help, you have been a lifesaver in our low times.

Karla, Maggie M, Dee D, Linda O. Toowoomba Qld

Even though things are tough, you do amazing work, you give so much of yourself, it seems so much more than a job to you to be able to touch lives.

– Dani H Toowoomba Qld


Would you like to start “Doing Life Differently” to see improvement in all areas of your life?

You can now arrange a personal one to one session with Merna.  Your one to one session also comes with a special bonus – to find out more contact Merna here today.

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