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Enjoy What You Do Every Day By Doing Life Differently


Doing Life Differently
Doing LIfe Differently

Doing Life Differently to Escape The Ordinary

Burnout from working hard to make ends meet, in a job that was stressful, working with people who weren’t appreciative of the service, and with a boss that was productivity, profit and pressure orientated, it all took it’s toll.  I thought there just had to be a better way, a different way.  I hoped there was because I knew I certainly couldn’t carry on working the long hours, and only being paid for 38 of them.  It wasn’t worth it.  I didnt feel appreciated or valued in my job, by my boss or the clients.   None of my colleagues did either.  Yet we were all trapped.

Mortgages and rent, debt and bills kept us working the long hours, hoping that eventually we would be able to relax a little and get ahead with the work, so that we could just do a normal days work.    Then there was the dull gloom of the contract finishing and not being renewed.

What do you do – do you want and see, hope that it is extended, or do you start to look around elsewhere.  That not knowing is what does your head it.   That ‘s why I began to look for ways to do work differently.   So I could do life differently.   I couldn’t keep working like this, just to retire and die.   In fact I couldn’t even afford to retire…

  • Gain More Clarity & Direction

  • More Time, Less Overwhelm

  • Increased Work Enjoyment


Doing Life Differently

Everyone deserves to Enjoy what they do everyday, and that can sometimes me, we have to expand out comfort zones and begin doing life differently whether it’s going to work, spending time with loved ones, or travelling and creating new memories and experiences.

That’s why understanding how to Do Life Differently is important.  If you would like to be happier and smile more often, to enjoy life more and feel less stress and overwhelm this is the place to be.  Become part of my “Pride”. Its a community of like minds who are willing to be in the moment and  live enriched lives taking responsibility for their own outcomes, Welcome!. 

By Doing Life Differently, you’ll discover, time freedom, wealth freedom and inner peace and harmony.

Doing Life Differently

  • Clear Aligned Values & Clarity

  • More Time, Less Overwhelm

  • Increased Work Enjoyment

Gain More Clarity & Direction
Work Smart and Enjoy Your Job
Abundant Creativity
Side Income Profit


Doing Life Differently

A clearer vision, defined values and a pathway to a happier, fulfilled life.   After feeling lost and alone, with no direction or idea what needed to be done, it was easy to set out on a different path, in tune with who and what I truly wished to create.   It made life so much easier and happier.

Doing LIfe Differently

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