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Hello and Welcome.  Welcome!..   Lets connect!   Im excited to work with you to design work you enjoy more.

This FREE 20 min Discovery Session is a “test drive”where you get to see if


Here’s how to Book A Session with Merna.

Scroll down the page until you a green dot next to the words  “Discovery Session”.  Click the arrow to the right.

You’ll get taken to a page where you can choose a day by clicking it.  Then select a suitable time for us to discuss your needs.  If there doesn’t appear to be a time that matches your schedule or time zone – shoot me an email or message me on Facebook.  We’ll work something out.

What questions do you have for me?

We will discuss your vision of the future, what you enjoy about your current work and clarify this if need be.

You Will:

  • Uncover the hidden challenges preventing you from enjoying your work
  • Become -re-energised, revitalised and excited about work;   and
  • Remove the obstacles that may be preventing you from making additional income and more.

Then you can get started doing more work that you enjoy and love doing.

Everyone Deserves To Enjoy Their Work

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