Where were you 20 years ago, when Princess Diana, the People’s Princess died?

“The candle died out long before, the legend ever will” Elton John sang at Princess Diana’s funeral.

As we mark the 20 year anniversary of Princess Diana’s death – all the stories and reflections in the news lately , has gotten me thinking about what kind of a legacy she left – but also – what kind of legacy would you like to leave?

When you see Princess Diana’s contribution to the world – from her parenting of the young princes to her charity work and belief in the people, it’s amazing to comprehend that one person could contribute so so so much change to so many.

Back in 1997, it was the beginning of an era – an era of 24hr tv, of celebrity influence, and Princess Diana bared her soul and showed how vulnerable she was. Even in her death she brought people together and changed the face of the monarchy too.

She shone a charismatic light on what it was to be real, to hurt and to achieve change.

Princess Diana showed us how we can create something of our lives and influence change.
In a tumultuous time for her, she took what she was good at, combined that with what she loved and was able to forge a life that was fulfilling.  

Have you ever wondered what your legacy is going to be?

Change does not have to be monumental, or affect the world, it simply could be a small event in the lives of those who matter to you.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to be happy, to do what you love – start now because you never know when your time may run out.  Your legacy can be that you are loved and contribute to your world in such a way that no matter how much time passes, that love can still be felt.

“The unique, the complex, the extraordinary Diana… who will never be extinguished from our minds”

Is Your Legacy Going to Impact As Many as The People’s Princess, Princess Diana’s Legacy has?



☼Attitude Shifter☼Kindess Initiator☼Gratitude Distributor☼Potential Enhancer☼Perspective Expander☼Awareness Creator☼ I help people create life changes to start over and begin afresh to Do Life Differently. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with may individuals who have shared with me their inner most experiences - broadening my understanding of situations, people, actions and reactions. I am a pattern seeker.. and therefore together we delve into and develop an understanding your actions, so we can discover the lesson and move forward. During my life I have experienced many new beginnings and it occurred to me that there is a certain art to starting a fresh or doing life differently. Unintentionally, I became complacent with my life - accepting of situations and despondent about my lack of direction, sense of purpose and motivation. For a long time, I just did the things I had to do - get the house clean, go to work, take the kids to school.. fix lunches, wash, whatever was required on a day to day basis. Then one day - something changed - the kids left and I had less to do, work was routine, and life was ordinary. Now for some this may be a good thing, but surely we are put on this earth to serve more of a purpose than just survive. I began searching for way to change my life and to move forward. That search lead to the creation of Doing Life Differently.

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