Enjoy Work More by Finding Joy In What You Do!

Don’t discover your passion and follow your heart.  Simply beat the Monday blues when you find joy in the work you do and enjoy work more!

I believe you have a unique perspective and talent that you could create a side profit from, whilst enjoying what you currently do.

If you are struggling to “find your passion”,   Relax!.  Forget about it.  Simply unpack your hidden qualities into a money making side profit.

Turn your work into your calling and enjoy work more when you release the pressures of work by creating the life balance you desire.


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Meet Merna

Entrepreneurial Spirit dedicated to helping others enjoy work more.
Merna Dwyer

Merna Dwyer


A content pussy cat when life is balanced and supportive who becomes a courageous lion when things need to be done.

Guiding professional women to enjoy your work even more, by helping you bring your greatest work to life, linking what you do with what you value and believe in.

Potential Enhancer; Perspective Expander; Confrontational Clarity Creator and all round Beautiful Person helping others Expand, Explore and Enjoy Work More By Creating Life Balance!.

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Praise for the work I do, helping others enjoy their work more!.
Regency H

Regency H

"Merna you're a positive role model for good. You inspire me to be a better person. I know I can reach my fullest potential having you as a friend, tower of strength and support, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to enlighten and help me in my self discovery journey! You’ve got a heart of gold!!"



"You provided a level of insight that enabled me to focus on specific issues".

Dani H,

Dani H,

"You do amazing work, you give so much of yourself, it seems so much more than a job to you to be able to touch lives."

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  • Become -re-energised, revitalised and excited about work
  • Remove the obstacles that may be preventing you from making additional income and more.

Then you can get started doing more work that you enjoy and love doing.


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