Recently I got to listen to the song below, and it really touched a cord with me about how often you want things you haven’t got – and often can’t afford.    How much do you take for granted and feel that you are entitled to, but are not prepared to put in the time and effort to accomplish what you need to achieve what you desire..

I wasn’t always content, happy and relaxed with my life.  In fact, I spent a lot of time screaming like a banchee, stressed about money, feeling like I never had enough, and working really really hard.

All you want to do is build a life, so that you can relax, spend time with family, create new lasting memories and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – not concerned about being able to afford surgery, or even medication, should something go wrong.

There is a solution and it starts with expanding your mindset, exploring opportunities and then experiencing results by taking action. If you are keen to get going, lets connect.  Ask me what you want to know.. or just get started.

In the meantime  what these videos, the first one is my most favourite group ever, – Home Free gave me a new lease on life, helped me to discover a passion for living and motivated me to accomplish my dreams.   I hope they do the same for you…

As you watch these videos, think of your life – What do you want that you ain’t got – and how serious are you about getting it.

then watch the original – by Jake Owens – it is really powerful. Gets you thinking.


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☼Attitude Shifter☼Kindess Initiator☼Gratitude Distributor☼Potential Enhancer☼Perspective Expander☼Awareness Creator☼ I help people create life changes to start over and begin afresh to Do Life Differently. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with may individuals who have shared with me their inner most experiences - broadening my understanding of situations, people, actions and reactions. I am a pattern seeker.. and therefore together we delve into and develop an understanding your actions, so we can discover the lesson and move forward. During my life I have experienced many new beginnings and it occurred to me that there is a certain art to starting a fresh or doing life differently. Unintentionally, I became complacent with my life - accepting of situations and despondent about my lack of direction, sense of purpose and motivation. For a long time, I just did the things I had to do - get the house clean, go to work, take the kids to school.. fix lunches, wash, whatever was required on a day to day basis. Then one day - something changed - the kids left and I had less to do, work was routine, and life was ordinary. Now for some this may be a good thing, but surely we are put on this earth to serve more of a purpose than just survive. I began searching for way to change my life and to move forward. That search lead to the creation of Doing Life Differently.

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