Creating Productive Happiness in your Life

How to avoid the pitfalls of success, or working a job you hate.  When stress overtakes your life and you no longer feel like life is fun.  Create harmony in your life as you take control and redirect your energy to release you from boredom and anxiety. You will be able to set clear goals.

There ARE ways you can create life changes in your life.

When you hit a wall, and can’t go around, over, under through.. this is the way to explode it.

In this post the 4 Different States of Flow are explained and you will find 11 Steps to Flow and creating happiness in your life.   Which will result ultimately in life changes!

There are side affects – work becomes fun, you party, you live, you meet interesting fascinating people – life becomes a dream – as energy flows, money flows –  you meet dream people and contacts.  People flock to you…    how do you create this?

The Definition of Flow:    From Wikipedia:   “Mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he and she is doing by a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity.  It is a state of supreme activity”


2 Things.

  1. Be happy right now where you are
  2. Have a Big vision of the future.

Simple hey…  be happy today with everything that is going on in your life – cra… and all and have a Big Vision of the future –  makes complete sense.   NOT.
How can you have a big vision of the future, when right now – life sucks. Your Stuck and it just doesn’t look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel..

GOOD NEWS … It can be done – and YOU can do it.


There are 4 different states of mind..

1. Negative Spiral –   Unhappy and No vision of the future.   Your miserable.  Its a spiral because you are focused on being miserable and you spiral into greater depression.

2. Current Reality Trap  –   Gloriously happy – with no vision of the future…    Here’s the problem – Tony Robbins says – we all have 2 Spiritual needs:  – the need to grow and the need to contribute.  If you are happy with how things are now, you are not growing or contributing.  So you live with boredom, mediocrity – and no fulfilment.

3. Stress and Anxiety –   not happy right now – but with big visions of the future.  You are thinking big but you cant function right now…because you aren’t happy.

4. State of Flow –  happy in the present with a grand vision of the future…  you love your current job and have amazing goals for the future…


Change your mindset – and things will take off.   A lot of Entrepreneurs and business people are in the state of Stress and Anxiety.  Perhaps even employees may have some goals but you aren’t sure if you are going to get to them.. you may feel stressed and pain.   Moving from stress and anxiety to flow – and things will shift.       Spiritually changes your mindset.


In the movie “The Secret” – Bob Proctor offers this equation:  Thought + Emotion =  Attraction.

Thought – your vision of the future,  who you want to be, who you want to attract into your life

Emotion –  what is going on in your life right now…

Make sure you are in the right emotionally state in order to create that which you envision.

Scientists call it – Supreme Creativity –  the state where you attract the law of attraction.

When you can consciously put yourself in the state, its like the Universe bends in your favour.


It is good to have goals, but don’t tie your happiness to the goals. If you feel the only way to be happy is to have these things – you will not be in flow.    The happiness comes from the journey not the destination.

Notice when flow happens and make it happen more often.     Make a conscious effort to be here.

The thing is – most people forget what it’s like to be in a state of flow.. you know, you wake up every morning dreading the day, fearing work, stressed..  and what happens – You are not happy in the now – and you won’t magnify your impact and create the change.

Sometimes you’ve got to destroy your life to let the next great thing happen.


Vishen Lakhiani  Founder of Mindvalley calls it  Blissipline..

Below is a video where Vishen explains  how to do it, if you are in business.  However for individuals here is my thoughts.

1.  Be Grateful – for every event, every horror, everything..   Show that gratitude – you can do that by going here.. a daily activity to help you remain in a State of Gratitude.

What you appreciate – appreciates.. you magnify your happiness.     After spending a few minutes daily expressing gratitude – after 30days your overall happiness goes up by 30%. Practice gratitude and the affects can change your life.

2. Practice Awesomeness –  look for things in your life that show what you have accomplished daily – celebrating your success.   They don’t have to be massive.  Just things that give a sense of JOY.   –  Acknowledge your achievements.    Blind yourself and others with the light of your own awesomeness!

3.  Create Rituals –  find a mascot, or instal fun into your life.  Do things that expand you. This will attract others to you, because of the joy in your life.

4.   Share with others –  give what you have to anyone around you.  Give without expectation of receiving anything back.  This builds on the gratitude practice, however giving creates space to receive.    Volunteer if you feel up to it – in a place that aligns with your values.

5.  Praise yourself, lavish praise on others.  People flourish with praise.  It creates closeness and connectedness.    Give yourself a pat on the back. Celebrate yourself, and give praise away to others – look for the good that others do and tell them.

6.  45/5 – work 45hrs a week.. have a social life, get your work done.  Yet, take time out to grow yourself.   Work on your mindset.  Spend time learning, doing meditation, attending seminars whatever you have to do to invest in your mind, knowledge and experiences so your mind can grow – which in turn will grow your life.

7.  Teach – take time out to share with others what you know – this creates a better you.  You develop a sense of worth.

8.  Group Meditation – you can meditate by yourself, however it is better to do it in the group – as it elevates your energy.  Do a Visualisation Meditation – create your future, so that you can step into it.   Centre your thoughts,

9.  PARTY!.   Create time for fun.  Invite people to spend time with you and enjoy their company.  This is like networking, get together with people – and ask them to bring along friends – so that you can expand who you know.

10 POSITIVE STAMINA –  do not look backwards – future focus.  Its a mindset that where you look past the wrong and look forward and stay focused on the vision of the future.   It doesn’t mean you disregard the down, it simply means you refocus to where you want to be.   You will get more creative.

Learn to manage your mind. Do not let a situation lear you into thinking negatively. Sometimes you’ll fail but you will learn for the next time. Every time a negative thought comes at you – zap it – learn to replace it with positive thoughts.  That takes energy but the result will be stamina,  positive stamina,  a necessary ingredient for success.   Donald Trump

The point here is – Rise your level of happiness in the NOW – then Build up your Vision of the future.

11.  Connections – develop connections that will help you grow.  You are a sum of the 5 people you associate with.  So if you are not associated with people who are interested in growing and expanding your mind -you will stagnate.   Put yourself in situations where you will meet and make friends.

The Dalia Lama says..   You are happy when you help others become happy.

Raising peoples Joy in the present and giving them a vision of the future – and they will be put into a state of flow.

A great book  – “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  details the effects of flow.  He is an esteemed psychologist who combined 30yrs of research into what makes people saftisfied and the book explains the key elements of flow.

FLOW will release you from boredom and anxiety, redirect your energy and allow you to take control,  help you set clear goals along with harmonising all the elements of your life.Being In Flow

Minute 38 Vishen explains how the heart is selfish and how that helps the other organs live. You have to make sure your happiness comes first and only then you will be apply to make others happy.


☼Attitude Shifter☼Kindess Initiator☼Gratitude Distributor☼Potential Enhancer☼Perspective Expander☼Awareness Creator☼ I help people create life changes to start over and begin afresh to Do Life Differently. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with may individuals who have shared with me their inner most experiences - broadening my understanding of situations, people, actions and reactions. I am a pattern seeker.. and therefore together we delve into and develop an understanding your actions, so we can discover the lesson and move forward. During my life I have experienced many new beginnings and it occurred to me that there is a certain art to starting a fresh or doing life differently. Unintentionally, I became complacent with my life - accepting of situations and despondent about my lack of direction, sense of purpose and motivation. For a long time, I just did the things I had to do - get the house clean, go to work, take the kids to school.. fix lunches, wash, whatever was required on a day to day basis. Then one day - something changed - the kids left and I had less to do, work was routine, and life was ordinary. Now for some this may be a good thing, but surely we are put on this earth to serve more of a purpose than just survive. I began searching for way to change my life and to move forward. That search lead to the creation of Doing Life Differently.

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