Well, there are so many different kinds and types of meditation it possibly tricky to discover the best guided meditation technique.  However, this is the best meditation technique for me and therefore I am recommending it to you if you are looking for the best guided meditation or a meditation for anxiety, a meditation for stress or simply an easy meditation for beginners.
Whatever it is that you seek can be found in meditation, if you are open to the benefits of meditation and seeking to relax, de-stress, or create life changes.Best Guided Meditation

Now, if you had asked me this a few months or years back, I would not have even mentioned guided meditation, or even suggested what I consider the best meditation technique. However since being introduced to this technique, at a time in my life when things were just getting me down… I adamantly recommend it.

If your thoughts are dragging you down, you feel anxious or nervous, your thoughts are keeping you stuck or you feel like you are going in circles – this is part of a solution for you.

A friend invited me to a guided meditation session and I thought “what harm can it do”.  Well, the benefits of this guided meditation after one sessions were for me – I felt more energised, focused and relaxed than I had in a long time – so I went again.  Then I attended a 2 day guided meditation retreat, that helped me to get clarity and focus on some of the concerns I had in my life.   Now, I’m practicising meditation daily – and dealing with things in a completely different manner than ever before.   Im moving forward with my life, and you can too.

If you’d like to find out more about one of the meditation techniques that I do, just opt in here and you will get details sent to you.

Here is an Explanation of the Best Guided Meditation that I have found that is an easy meditation for beginners and has worked for me.

Also you can see more of his courses by clicking here and reading up on him.



☼Attitude Shifter☼Kindess Initiator☼Gratitude Distributor☼Potential Enhancer☼Perspective Expander☼Awareness Creator☼ I help people create life changes to start over and begin afresh to Do Life Differently. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with may individuals who have shared with me their inner most experiences - broadening my understanding of situations, people, actions and reactions. I am a pattern seeker.. and therefore together we delve into and develop an understanding your actions, so we can discover the lesson and move forward. During my life I have experienced many new beginnings and it occurred to me that there is a certain art to starting a fresh or doing life differently. Unintentionally, I became complacent with my life - accepting of situations and despondent about my lack of direction, sense of purpose and motivation. For a long time, I just did the things I had to do - get the house clean, go to work, take the kids to school.. fix lunches, wash, whatever was required on a day to day basis. Then one day - something changed - the kids left and I had less to do, work was routine, and life was ordinary. Now for some this may be a good thing, but surely we are put on this earth to serve more of a purpose than just survive. I began searching for way to change my life and to move forward. That search lead to the creation of Doing Life Differently.

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